Lab Created Diamonds on the Rise

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Lab Created Diamonds on the rise
Las Vegas, Nev.

Max Pawn is one of the first in the Las Vegas area to offer lab created diamonds. “I have been selling diamonds my whole life, I am sold on lab created stones over natural, with giving savings up to 70% off natural,” said the owner, Michael Mack. Equivalent in both physical and chemical properties, the value between lab-created and natural diamonds are synonymous. Although each serve to sufficiently fulfill the standards of the 4C’s: cut, color, clarity, and carat; lab diamonds triumph in the 5 th C — conflict.

Africa supplies 65 percent of the world’s entire natural diamond market annually. With only 25 percent of which are adequately regulated, it is presumed 3 in 4 diamonds mined in Africa are tainted with a background of humanitarian and environmental abuse. This translates to 1 in 13 diamonds in the global market originating from conflict.

Max Pawn is propelling this corruption-free movement forward by introducing lab grown diamonds to the Las Vegas market.

Lab created diamonds are also more cost-effective and environmentally friendly. They reduce carbon admissions by bypassing mining efforts as well as cost on average, 30 percent less than natural diamonds.

All lab diamonds at Max Pawn will also be provided with free authentication. Each diamond sold will include a laser inscription in the girdle of the diamond, both signifying its’ unique identity as well as authenticity.

In addition to being conflict-free, environmentally conscious, and less costly; lab grown diamonds are superior in cut. This is due to a lack of imperfections caused from natural circumstances, therefore making for an easier and cleanercut.

Max Pawn will provide custom designs such as engagement rings utilizing authentic lab grown diamonds as the focal point. Visit their shop located on Sahara and Jones in Las Vegas, NV.