Max Pawn Steps Up for National Gun Violence Awareness Day


A Las Vegas pawn shop is working to make it easier to not only safely use guns but to do so also legally as a new bill gets ready to take effect.
100 Americans are killed everyday due to gun violence, according to Wear Orange.

“It’s a good opportunity for people to start getting into the habit of the new law,” says Max Pawn Store Manager James McCracken.

McCracken says offering these background checks for free is critical to keep folks safe especially when it comes to private sales. “You’ll come in, fill out the form and the ATF is going to know about it, if a firearm is used in some type of illegal activity, they’ll be able to track down that individual,” says McCracken.

“If they’re guilty of something like domestic violence, they aren’t going to get that firearm.”

Another step to ensure safety that Max Pawn offers safe storage, a place he says folks like parents will leave their firearms at the shop and then come to pick up before heading to the range. “They’ll come in, borrow a small amount, and then they’ll do a background check, take it back and use it then bring it back when they’re done.”

The bill will go into effect Jan. 2, 2020.


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