Owner of Las Vegas’ Max Pawn Talks About His Industry


June 10, 2019 – 4:50 pm

Vegas Voices is a weekly series highlighting notable Las Vegans.

It all started with a single handbag.

Now dozens of the luxe fashion accessories — “Sex in the City”-approved totes by designers such as Fendi, Cartier and Gucci that retail for more than your mortgage payment — line the walls.

But first there was just one.

“I was looking at assets that held value,” Max Pawn owner Michael Mack recalls as he leads a tour of his store on a recent weekday. “This lady came in with a Chanel bag she paid $4,000 for. We gave her $1,000. It held great resale value.”

With that, Max Pawn had a game changer.

“The handbag business brought customers that normally wouldn’t come into a pawn shop,” Mack says. “Our jewelry business has jumped because of our handbag business.”