September 7, 2016


With today’s economy, many people are now depending on pawnbrokers to help them meet their daily financial needs that are not being served other traditional banking institutions. MAX PAWN’s customers represent the working family who on occasion may experience an unexpected need for short-term cash funds. Our loans can keep the electricity on, pay the mortgage, the rent or car payment or even provide money for your groceries, gas or medications.  MAX PAWN offers exceptional customer service, gives the best possible competitive loan.  We comply with all federal, state and local regulations and laws.

Pawn – Loan
MAX PAWN offers our customers a quick and convenient way to borrow money. Basically a customer gives property as collateral for a loan and in return we lend them money.  We specialized in short-term cash loans and offer collateral loans for surprisingly low interest rates.  Each item is appraised and the process varies depending on the type of item receiving a loan.  Loan amounts vary according to the value of the item.    All items are tested to ensure that they work properly.  Pawn transactions are small-dollar to high-dollar, short term loans with no hidden charges. The loans are usually of short duration and when the borrower pays the loan, the goods are returned to the borrower.   Pawn loans can be made on everything from jewelry to electronics.  On the chance that the customer decides not to redeem his or her collateral, there are no negative credit consequences and the property is just sold at the valued wholesale to public prices.  Please contact us for more information.

MAX PAWN will  purchase your jewelry, watches, electronics, musical instruments, art,  and  collectibles and well as  other items of value.   We will pay you top dollar for your item.  If you have items of value that you no longer want it makes sense to get cash for them and enjoy your financial gain.  We also offer the convenience of selling your scrap gold for cash without leaving your home.   For more information click here

MAX PAWN  will take certain items in on consignment with no charge to you upfront.  Just tell us how much you would like to get for your item and we will do the rest.  You collect your money  once the item is sold MAX PAWN takes a percentage of the fee for selling our item.

Purchase (Wholesale to the Public)
MAX PAWN has a wide selection of jewelry, watches, art, electronics and other desirable items for sale at our location.  We also offer a select amount of items for sale in right here on our ecommerce website..  Any item, whether offered for sale at our store location or on-line is priced at unbelievably low prices!  Go Shopping!

Closet Service
With our Closet Service, you can book an appointment online to have a stylist from the Max Pawn team visit your home and help you decide what to keep and what to sell.  We Can Help!

Full Service Jewelry Repair now at Max Pawn
All services performed with a generous helping of love!  More information

We are Las Vegas Nevada’s FIRST Craig’s List Safe Zone
Come into Max Pawn and we will Authenticate and your Jewelry or Watches for FREE.  We are experts in Rolex, Cartier and other Swiss Watches.   We are also Diamond Experts!