This is not Your Average Pawn Shop!

This is not your average pawn shop.  The building is new as of fall 2012, the shop is sparkling clean, and the merchandise is fabulous.  I had never been inside a pawn shop before my visit to Max Pawn, so I had no idea what to expect other than what I’ve seen on TV pawn shows.

This is THE place to get high-end handbags and designer items.  All merchandise is verified to be authentic, cleaned if needed, and appropriately priced.  No fake, dirty purses here.

Another awesome thing they do that I just found out–they will verify authenticity for you for Craigslist deals.  So when that girl on Facebook says she’ll sell you her Louis bag for a great price, meet her here and have the experts check it so you don’t get scammed!  They don’t even charge for this service.

The staff here is really knowledgeable too.  They’re more like the staff at a high-end department store than used car dealers, so get that image out of your mind. :)

I didn’t have any experience with the pawn or loan side of it, but I did see some people come in and they looked pretty happy with their transactions.  Collateral loans make a lot more sense than any of those payday loan places though!

Colleen S.