You thrift, bro? Here are some tips for smart secondhand shopping!


Whether you’re looking for the latest trends at low prices, updating your wardrobe with some vintage fashion or taking advantage of the latest Marie Kondo trend, there are a few things you should know about secondhand shopping.

Local pawnshop Loan/Sales Manager, James McCracken of Max Pawn at 6040 W. Sahara Avenue, is sharing some advice to get the most out of thrifting:

  1. Pay the right (resale) price: oftentimes secondhand items can be on sale for prices higher than retail.
  2. Buy authentic! Don’t be fooled by an “amazing deal” and remember that no matter how many hands it has passed through, a brand-new designer bag is not going to be cheap.
  3. Make sure the website and/or reseller is legitimate, especially before giving credit card information, by asking plenty of questions about the product and making sure your are confident buying in-store or from a website.
  4. Verify condition as pictures alone can be deceiving. It’s always best to see if there are mutliple pictures of the item or to scan the item thorougly in person for damage.
  5. Inquire about the return policy. McCracken says, “Depending on the return policy, you will likely get stuck with an item that isn’t in the condition you hoped it would be.”

National Secondhand Wardrobe week is Feb. 11 to Feb. 17 in case you’re looking to impress your Valentine with thrifting skills and secondhand styles.